WATCH: Fella Makafui Pulls Her Dross Down To Prove She is Not The One In The ‘Atopa’ Video

After news broke that an angry boyfriend of Fella Makafui had closed down her wine shop because she stopped giving him attention, another huge story which could almost be described as a scandal went viral that the YOLO actress’s sekz tape had leaked.

A video was published online and some were of the opinion that she was the one in the video although the face of the lady was never clearly seen in the video. It was later established that it couldn’t have been Fella as the video had been on P*rn hub for a long time and the characters in the video were P*rn actors.

Some people were still of the view that it was Fella Makafui even when there was clear evidence that it wasn’t her. Fella Makafui in a bid to prove to the doubting Thomases that she was not the one in the video, has shown a part of her body to bloggers to prove that she’s not the one in the video as the girl in the ‘atopa’ video has a tattoo on her lower back region.

And Fella does not have any tattoo in that area and her decision to show that part of her body to bloggers should be able to give enough prove to those who still doubted that truly she wasn’t the one.

Speaking to blogger, Fella Makafui disclosed that, she’s now no more worried about what Ghanaians think about her or say about her as she’s now used to how people would react when some news about her comes up in the media.

Watch the video of her showing that she was not the one in the video below: