Cause Of Popular Slay Queen, Ama Broni Death Revealed by her Close Pal after twerking [email protected] on stage

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Cause Of Popular Slay Queen, Ama Broni Death Revealed by her Close Pal after twerking n@k3d on stage
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Before you are quick to judge, kindly read the full account of how Ama Broni died. The facts in this post are based on an interaction between a close pal of Ama Broni who lives in the same neighbourhood as the deceased.

Earlier, reported that Ama Broni died after she was heavily fingered and abused following her raw performance on stage at a carnival in Kasoa.

However, this close pal of Ama Broni (name withheld) has revealed she did not die because of the excessive fingering.

Then What Happened?
According to our source, a challenge was thrown to the crowd that whoever is able to twerk heavily will be given $100 which is equivalent to 583ghc… the challenge got Ama who has been the hype woman for the event from day one to mount the stage and do her thing, and that led to her nak3d performance on stage.

However, during her performance on stage, she was being harassed by those watching and others around her as they couldn’t stare at her nak3d butts without touching to have a feel.

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Sadly, Ama had to bring her s3xy performance to a halt and make way to the back stage after collecting her prize.

While making her way down the stage, Ama was electrocuted. Surprisingly, no one came to her aid as they thought she was still in her hyper mood until she fell down helpless and lifeless.

Ama was rushed to the hospital, but could not make it since it was too late.

Rest In Peace Ama Broni!

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