Keche Andrew’s Ex-Girlfriend Pops Up Again, Drops Allegation That He’s Gay

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Keche Andrew of Keche duo Ex-girlfriend known as Spendilove has come to reveal some damning secrets of the singer and her wife Joan Gyan.
She explained that Keche Andrew is gay and also uses ‘Sekz toy’ to satisfy his sexual pleasure noting that the wife is also a lesbian and a fraudster.

He made this known in a video she posted online noting that she’s not doing this due to fame but rather wants Ghanaians to know about the lifestyle and how deceptive the singer is.

Spendilove however called on the authorities to launch a thorough investigation into the business of Andrew’s wife because she’s using the business as the face to defraud people.

She dared the singer and his wife to come out and deny her claims because she’s having all evidence to expose them and how they live their lavish lifestyle.

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