Joey B Shares How He Used To Buy Second-Hand Clothes From Kofi Mole And How They Both Rise To Fame

Ghanaian musician Joey B has shared some heartwarming stories himself and his colleague rapper Kofi Mole during his come-up to fame.
Speaking in an interview with Kwaku Manu on his Aggressive Show, the rapper noted that she used to buy second-hand goods from Kofi Mole at Kantamanto and that was the first time he saw him.

He stated that he used to buy clothes and caps from his colleague rapper who was a salesperson and a cap he used to promote his “Strawberry” song was sold to him by Kofi Mole.

He explained that Kofi Mole told him that he knows him but only recognized him at a show after Mole released his first viral song.

Joey B emphasized that he ones told him that a day will Kofi Mole and people at the shop won’t see him at the shop again because that time he was seriously working hard to attain the top spot in his career

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